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Smart DVR 1080P WIFI With APP Car DVR

Quick Overview

*General functions:Backup rearview Support backup rearview.
*Car recorder:Support display, control, parking monitoring of car recorder, and also support HD recording of front/rear cameras.
*WiFi:A WIFI hotspot named CDR-**** will be automatically built after startup of recorder.
*Parking monitoring:Save vibration event video generated on the occasion of parking into TF card.
*ADAS:Advanced driving support system, realizes lane departure warning, self-adaptive cruise control, detection of objects by the side.
*Voice promptSupports intelligent promoting function of real person’s voice
*Setting function:Support mobile phone software system setting function
*Extended functions:SD card Maximally supports 32G, advised to use C10 high-speed TF card.
*phone APP:Share mobile phone screen and control through WIFI
*Other functions:Low-voltage power-off protection When it detects the voltage of car is lower than 10.5V. *The voltage-regulating wire will be automatically powered off to protect car battery.
*Display:Share mobile phone screen through WIFI
*Touch screen:Mobile phone APP control
*UI*Mobile phone APP control, supporting iPhone and android systems.


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  • Details

    ARM type:Allwinner V3
    ARM core:ARM Dual Cortex A7
    Master frequency:1.2 GHz
    Operating system:Camdroid
    SDRAM:256MB (DDR3)
    Program storage:16MB
    Video storage:Maximum TF card 32GB
    Display screen:Share mobile phone screen through WIFI
    Supported systems:IOS and android
    Working voltage:DC 4.5~5.5V (scope of overvoltage automatic protection: 6~36V)
    Working current Average current: 300mA; starting current: 1.5A; maximum current: 2A; automatic power-off protection will be started if the current is larger than 2A.
    Working temperature:-20~+70℃ (scope of high temperature automatic protection is more than 140℃)
    Storage temperature:-40~+85℃
    System startup time:<6s

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