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Wake Up Light Wake-Up Light Colored Sunrise Alarm Clock with Smart Snooze Function, Nature Sounds, FM Radio - Touch Control with USB Charger

Quick Overview

*NEW SMART SNOOZE MODE: 30 minutes before your alarm time, wakeup light gradually brighten from 10% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of a deep sleep. *During wake-up sound playing, activate Snooze Mode, wake up sound will play again after 5 minutes and last for 2 minutes, giving you an extra 5 minutes of sleep
*UPGRADED TOUCH CONTROL: Touch to adjust Snooze, Sunset Simulation, Natural Sounds, FM Radio and Time Display Brightness easily
*ALARM CLOCK & BESIDE LAMP & SUNSET SIMULATION: A soothing, gradual sunrise simulation wakeup alarm with nature yellow light and nature sound, or fall asleep with sunset simulation sleep light at night
*7 COLORS & 10 LIGHT BRIGHTNESS: Wakeup alarm has multiple colors including warm white´╝îgreen, red, blue, purple, yellow and indigo light, or works as warm white LED light with 10 brightness settings
*6 NATURAL SOUNDS & FM Radio & 15 level of sound volume: No more weird songs or noises startle you awake,choose to wake you up with natural and calming wake-up sounds like forest, birds, ducks, water and waves so on

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