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High Gain 2.4GHz 300M USB WiFi 2.0 Range Extender,Wireless Repeater Router Signal Booster

Quick Overview

*Expand WiFi coverage in large and multi-storied homes with two adjustable, external antennas
*Intelligent LED signal indicator: You can know its working condition clearly and find the best location to place the extender
*Without installing APP, just 3 steps to finish the setup
*Works with any WiFi router or wireless access point of Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, hotel and hospital
*Size:11.40 x 4.50 x 1.40 cm "

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  • Details

    Portable WiFi repeater is like personal assistant for your router ,
    It works alongside with the router to enhance transfer rates and to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network ,
    do not need cables and wires,can providing the same reliable connection throughout your network ,expand WiFi coverage.
    Color: Black
    Transmission Rate: 300M
    Quantity of Antenna: 2
    Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.060 kg
    Package weight: 0.120 kg
    Product size (L x W x H): 11.40 x 4.50 x 1.40 cm
    Package Contents
    1 x WiFi 2.0 Range Extender
    1 x English Manual

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